Before I tell you about how great direct mail is, let me give you an 18 page report I wrote
entitled "Top 16 Secrets To Direct Mail Success".  It's FREE, a gift from me.
Visit to get your copy. 

Even in today's world of social networking, direct mail will bring you a lot of business!
In fact, BECAUSE so many have stopped using direct mail, that actually means that your mailing pieces
just might be the ONLY mail that your potential clients will receive and that's GREAT NEWS for you!

An accurate mailing list is a MUST!  Purchasing a super cheap mailing list will only end up costing you big time.
Super cheap mailing lists simply cannot be as accurate as what you will purchase from me.  My mailing lists are
backed by many MILLIONS of dollars each year investment in obtaining and verifying their accuracy!   Don't go cheap 
and end up paying a lot more due to bad names, bad address, wrong class years, missing names, etc.  

My name is Adam Schmidt and I've been a pro photographer for 30+ years.  I've owned 3 studios
and have mailed over 2 million pieces of direct mail to high school seniors for them.  That massive
amount of direct mail caused me to be on a continual search for the absolute best list available.
You get the benefit of my trial and error experience with many mailing list brokers.
Direct mail is also what built my studios into a very successful business admired by others.

Hundreds of photographers own my Baby Plan & Senior Info kits 
 I love helping photographers build their businesses so they can make 
a great living.  I look forward to helping YOU!


How Much?

Price is STILL the same that it has been for the past 12 years.  
$20 for my time plus 65 cents per name/address.  
No minimum order.  Order one hundred or three thousand, it's up to you.

Florida photographers must add 7% sales tax.  
List is high school seniors that will graduate in 2019.  Not 2018.  
List is all names available in the zip codes provided,
no breaking it down by male/female, income level, etc.  
No list is perfect, but this is the best I’ve seen in 30 years of searching.  


Our High School Senior Mailing List has proven to be so accurate
over the years, that we give you a 90% accuracy guarantee!*
If more than 10% are undeliverable, we refund you for those names.


1.  Get a list of all of your ZIP CODES to Adam by June 16th
I will get FREE counts on these for you.  Counts tell you how many
names are currently available in each zip code.  Click HERE to email Adam. 

Please be sure to list your zip codes like this...


NOT, 34470, 34480, 34481, 34485

2.  Receive COUNTS on the zip codes you provided from Adam by June 20th
(Look them over, pick and choose only the ones you want.)

 3.  Send payment info, (V/MC/D) or pay via Paypal) a sample senior mailing piece (.jpg, .doc, .pdf, etc.)
 and your final order of zip codes you wish to order to Adam 
This deadline is JUNE 22nd

4.  Receive the mailing list by email by June 28th as an .xls file that can easily be
printed onto Avery self-adhesive labels or given to a printer to print directly to your mailer.

5.  Book seniors, create great images and an awesome experience for the senior.
Retire on a Caribbean island and have drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.



That's right, I'll PAY YOU for sending photographers in need of a mailing list my way.
Simply tell other photographers about this website.  Use Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter,
e-mail, conventions, local photographer meetings, your blog, etc.  Just BE SURE to tell
them that it's important to mention your name when they submit their zip codes for free counts!
When they buy, I pay you $$!  EASY MONEY for you!  :)

You may use the zip code finder below to get a list of all of the zip codes around your studio.
Then copy and paste those zip codes in an email to me.

Please note that the business linked to the zip code finder below is NOT where your lists come from.

To get free counts for you, I'll need you to email me all the zip codes you're interested in.

Have a super day!
Adam Schmidt  :)
Email me at

Send your list of zip codes to me by email.  You can use the zip code tool below to compile your list of zips.

Find zip codes within a radius...
of ZIP Code:

If you think you will EVER be interested in purchasing a maternity, newborn or high school senior list from me,
please fill out the form below so I can let you know when the next list will begin.  No data collected, derived
or obtained from your input of information here will be used by an entity not acting on behalf of Adam Schmidt/
High School Senior Mailing List.  We will not directly or indirectly sell or transfer any of your data.

Yes, I'm interested in maternity, newborn or high school senior mailing lists, please send me additional information!

* All required info.









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*90% accuracy guarantee.  If more than 10% of your mailing pieces come back to you as undeliverable,
we refund you for those names at the same price you paid for them.  Simply send the mailing pieces that came back to you to me at
Adam Schmidt   1108 NW 73rd Terrace   Ocala, FL   34482